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Being Lived By Life

Lately I’ve been more aware of the dance between planning life and being lived by life.

Truth is we need both. I need my brain to plan a trip, book a flight and rent a car for example. And I listen to my heart to decide where I might want to travel, what places or people sound delightful to visit. I’ve noticed that my favourite trips are the ones that have some space, where not every day is planned. Spaciousness allows for experiences that are better than I could have planned. (Notice the title of this- BEING Lived By Life.)

For example, almost 30 years ago, we were in Italy for three weeks and had ideas without set plans. We decided to go to the Amalfi Coast for a few days but we ended up staying a week. One day on a hike we met Giovanni, a lovely man who invited us in for a drink when he heard we were on our honeymoon. We had so much fun with him that he begged us to come the next night to his 85-year-old Italian mama’s home so she could make us a big Italian feast. (It was better than we could have imagined!) Well, we hit it off and spent 5 days with them, every night we had a delicious feast and we spent our days meeting their friends, going to their land in the mountains and seeing way more than we would have on our own.

So the point here is, what else is possible when we create space in our days and weeks to stay open and let life live us?

These days I wonder, what else wants to be lived through me?
It’s a fun question- join me in getting curious, listening and sitting with the question.

Who knows where you’ll end up, may it be better than you imagined!
Picture of Amalfi Coast Italy by Kookay-Pixabay

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