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Loving Mantras

It’s December, often a busier time for many of us. I hope this will help you to take a wee moment to pause, catch a breath and play with some new mantras below.

This week we did an exercise with my Brilliance coaching group and with their permission (thanks gals!), I am sharing it with you because it was both fun and insightful!

First, we started writing down three habitual thoughts that run through our head that don’t feel so great. (ex: I’m not doing enough!)

Then, we wrote down three thoughts to counter those thoughts. (ex: I’m doing my best/)

After everyone shared their new more loving thoughts we made a list of loving mantras from those. Here it is:

-You are so motivated
-You have limitless thoughts
-You are inspired
-You can figure this out
-I am doing enough
-I am getting enough done
-I am doing the best I can
-You are a light to the world
-You are healing profoundly in ways you don’t yet see
-God made me beautiful, I am beautiful
-God is, I am
-I am okay just the way I am
-Peace always works for me
-Yes I can
-It’s my choice
-Kindness is the answer
-Look how far you’ve come
-Just right
-Just breathe
-Good enough, not perfect -since it doesn’t even exist
-Brilliant me/you
-Damn I’m good
-I’ve got this
-I can do this
-I can do hard things
-I can have difficult/hard conversations
-I love myself, AS IS
-Life loves me
-I am grateful and blessed
-It’s okay, you are doing your best
-I deeply love and accept myself AS IS
-Better than I can imagine, please
-This is livin’
-Infinite possibilities
-Infinite love and gratitude

See if any of these call you, which ones would you love to start saying to yourself more? Play with them, have fun, here’s to even more loving mantras flowing through our thoughts and into our lives!

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