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My Dad – Grace and Healing Part 2

Since the last blog about my dad, I’ve had more thoughts and questions arise:

What if the person you want healing or grace with is no longer in your life?
What if they are around but it feels like there is no way you can have grace and healing? (This relates to anyone you care about, not just parents of course.)

Whether the person is already out of your life or hard to connect with, you can make peace on your own, you don’t have to do it with them. Here are some questions to ponder if you want to play with this:

-What do I want in relation to this person?
-What do/don’t I have control over?
-What would peace look like to me?
-What would forgiveness/grace look like to me?
-What would it look like if I let love lead my way through this?

See what comes to you and be gentle, it is a process. May you love yourself AS IS through it all.


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