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What if we are only, ever, always okay? Does that even seem possible to you?

I just finished reading a book called The Choice: Embracing Possibility by Edith Eva Eger. She was a Holocaust survivor who spent her teens in Auschwitz and barely lived to tell about it. It got me thinking even more about what if we are always on some level okay. In my experience, that certainly doesn’t mean that we always feel okay, we don’t and that’s okay too.

After a slew of losses in my life, I learned something very powerful, that I’m okay, even when people around me are dying. I might sometimes feel gutted with grief and yet I’m still okay. Since then, my work as a coach is focused on pointing people back to their center, to that place within where everything is okay, even when life outside you doesn’t feel okay. When you see and experience that it frees you up even more.

We are so conditioned to figure out our ‘problems’ and feelings from the mind that is creating them and I’ve learned that I can’t solve my feelings. Seems to me the best thing is to allow myself to feel them and remind myself that I am okay.

Beyond all my busy thinking and random feelings, there is that place within that is actually okay in the present moment. For me, that doesn’t mean that things always feel okay outside, they don’t! Yet when I take less than a minute to pause, close my eyes, take a breathe and listen, I notice that I’m okay within. Try this for yourself, do you feel it?

During this pandemic, I think most of us have seen how little control we actually have. What we always do have is the ability to stop, pause and check in with that place within us where everything is okay. Play with this, see what you see, I’d love to hear.

May your sense of ‘okayness’ keep growing and bring you peace.

Take good care of each other,

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