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Bears And Listening To Your Longings

To my great delight, I recently saw a yearling bear on our property. Even after fifteen years of living here, it still feels like a gift. After the bear left I was thinking about him/her. A year ago it was with its mama bear and now here it is on its own, how does it learn that fast how to survive, where to go and what to do?!

I bet it just follows its nose. I’m no bear expert but I do know they spend a lot of time forging for food so it must just go about its day smelling its way through the woods until it finds some yummy berries or a good place to rest. The bear doesn’t really know what it will find, where it will go or what will happen. That seems so simple and I wonder, could it be that similar and simple for us humans more of the time too? What if it could, at least some of the time?

It reminds me of instinct and intuition. Would our lives be a bit more simple if we got out of our spinning, over thinking heads more and followed those small, wise nudges? What if we noticed what makes us feel more alive more often and followed that? I mean that feeling of ‘yes!’, the desire, the quiet leanings that say go here or do more of this. Instead of all the niggling ‘shoulds’ that bog us down.

Over the years I am seeing more and more that when I listen to my longings and explore that aliveness, I feel better. Its pretty simple but not always easy. There are so many conditioned thoughts that get in my way. But, at this point, I trust it will lead me into more clarity and who knows, I might even find some delicious berries along the way!

Take good care of each other,

PS- If listening more to your longings interests you, watch for my upcoming program…

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