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Utah Sunrise

Hello from Utah! I’m currently traveling through the amazing lands of Utah and took this photo of a glorious sunrise. As I watched the landscape change colors and light up as the sun rose, it

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Being Lived By Life

Lately I’ve been more aware of the dance between planning life and being lived by life. Truth is we need both. I need my brain to plan a trip, book a flight and rent a

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The trunk of a large tree in a forest.

You Be You!

YOU BE YOU Any other tree lovers out there? I love trees and I spend lots of time in the woods hiking. The other day I was walking in the forest just behind our house

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Loving Mantras

It’s December, often a busier time for many of us. I hope this will help you to take a wee moment to pause, catch a breath and play with some new mantras below. This week

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My Dear Dad -Part 1

Five years ago today my dad passed. This is my last photo with him before he died from accute leukemia about a week later. I’ll never forget that last goodbye when he whispered ‘I’ll be

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The Power of Noticing

Lately, I have been playing with this idea of noticing. It’s pretty simple yet quite effective. I’m becoming more aware of how I can let my agenda or busy mind easily take me away from

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Ode To My Sis

This is my eldest sister Bets. She is one of my heroes. Thankfully, I was able to tell her that before she died, a year ago today. Bets had lots of challenges in her life.

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Easter Lily


It’s Easter week so I’ve been thinking about Easter and the beliefs I was raised with. How I feel about it now and my ideas about it in my childhood have certainly changed. No matter

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Susan Merz Anderson Women Post

Women Are Our Future

Today is International Women’s Day, I think this is one of the most important days of the year. Without women, none of us would even be here. So, this is HUGE shout out to women

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What if we are only, ever, always okay? Does that even seem possible to you? I just finished reading a book called The Choice: Embracing Possibility by Edith Eva Eger. She was a Holocaust survivor who spent

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Look And See

Often in coaching, I mention the idea that when we see things differently, we tend to do them differently. In my Living Your Brilliance program we’ve been playing with this idea as well as a few

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Let Love Lead

I was out for a walk a few days ago and noticed this heart on the road right by my driveway. Immediately I thought, “Look, there is love everywhere!” Even on a rainy day on

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The Natural Power of Beauty

Ever feel absolutely exhausted and then suddenly you find more energy?  This photo is one of the amazing places I hiked to while on a trip to the Canadian Rockies last week. (Yes, hiking and

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Walking Into The Unknown

Does anyone relate to the above picture, stepping out into the unknown? I’m hearing lots of conversations full of unknowns- when are we going to be able to go back to some sense of normal,

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