LiveJOY Community

Be, Become, Belong

Who is this community for?

LiveJOY is a FREE community to explore the Journey Of You. If want to listen more deeply to your yearnings, inclinations, and wisdom, this will feel like home. It is a delight to discover your inner sparks of JOY!

Who will I work with?

I'm offering this community with my colleague Katherine Haghighi. We have been told our collaboration is pure magic. We love to draw on the wisdom of the community and offer oodles of free resources!

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What content is covered?

In LiveJOY, we expand our capacity to be with it all. What is it to be with it all? It is part of the journey to realizing our deep JOY. Join us to find out!

How will I benefit?

LiveJOY, is your place to fill your cup. You will have free access to loads of resources that will increase your JOY. There is also a chat option if you'd like to connect to other members.

When and where?

Our free online LiveJOY Community platform is accessible 24/7. Additionally, our paid programs offer a variety of options, from live Zoom sessions to downloadable audio recordings for those on the go.

What else is available?

Besides our free LiveJOY Community, we have other ongoing free and paid programs with lots of flexibility. Click below to check out our options: LJ(LiveJOY)Action, LJChange, LJClarity, LJConnection, see what calls you!

"I am so grateful that I found this community!"
KY, Canada

"There is something magical about the transformation that's possible
when your held in a non-judgmental, supportive community."