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Be, Become, Belong

Who is this program for?

LiveJOY is the place to explore the Journey Of You. By listening more deeply to your yearnings, your inclinations, and your wisdom, you will discover your inner sparks of JOY.
LiveJOY is a space where you can be with it all.

Who will I work with?

I'm offering this program with my colleague Katherine Haghighi. We have run groups together before and have been told our collaboration is pure magic. We also draw on the wisdom of the group and occasionally we have guest speakers.

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What content is covered?

There is a wide range of content covered in our live sessions, ongoing chats and in our LiveJOY Juice resource community platform. In LiveJOY, we expand our capacity to be with it all , which is part of the journey to realizing our deep okayness.

How will I benefit?

In our community, you will create juicy connections. You will hear the kind voice within and step into who you truly are. It is much easier to listen to your desires, nudges and intuition together. This is where JOY begins.

When and where?

We have created a private online community platform where you can connect with other members 24/7. We meet live on Zoom the first four Tuesdays of the month and the calls are recorded so no worries if you miss one.

How long is the program?

This is an ongoing monthly membership community. You can join us anytime.

"This loving space allows my big beautiful heart to come out to play more often." GK
"You validate our feelings and that invites us to go deeper. I've never had a family like this one, it is a feeling of safety." LM

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