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Who Is This Program For?

This program is for you if you look to others for approval and answers hoping someone will 'fix' you. If you keep trying to keep up with expectations, often feeling like you are not enough. If your inner light feels dim from constantly caring for others. Or, if you feel stuck, overwhelmed, and are ready to look in a fresh new direction.

How will I benefit?

This will propel you from procrastination to possibility, from worry to wonder. You will see the difference between your true heart’s desires and the conditioned should, so that you live from your authentic self more often. You will see that you don’t need self confidence or to try harder to realize your brilliance.

Who will I work with?

Susan leads the group through reflective exercises and powerful discussions. This group tends to bond quickly and learn from each other over the three months together.

What content is covered?

You will experience exercises and activities designed to give you clarity about what matters most to you and how to move forward on that.

When and where?

The group meets on Zoom and all calls will be recorded so no worries if you miss one. Between the calls a lively conversation continues on Facebook.

How long is the program?

This program runs weekly for eight weeks and between the weekly session the group continues to connect on Facebook.

"When I started online group coaching with Susan, it was an unknown to me. Six months later and the weekly sessions have become a much-anticipated part of my week and an essential part of my well-being. The online format offers the right mix of confidentiality and compassion as each woman in the group considers her own unique interests in self exploration. Susan's insights bring our individual pursuits together so we all benefit from sharing and exploring together, with no judgment. Susan offers tangible tools that make sense and are within reach, and she does it with grace and wit.
I hope to continue my journey with the support of Susan and the other women who make the sessions so brilliant. I can't imagine a week without a coaching session with Susan."

"For someone who is not a group joiner, nor a fan of on-line meetings of any kind, I can’t say enough about this program.  I am enjoying it so much, I keep signing up for more! While I didn’t really know what to expect when I first signed up, participating in the Discovering Your Brilliance program has provided me with more useful, practical, easy-to-apply gems than I could have imagined. Each weekly call, the wisdom that comes from everyone involved is phenomenal.  Beyond the insights and clarity I’ve gained, I’ve grown to know and deeply care for the women in the group, and feel as though I have a new community of beautiful, like-minded souls who are committed to and supportive of deep personal growth and happiness.  Susan is an amazing facilitator and coach, gently pointing us toward greater Self-awareness and discovery. If you’re at all like me, you won’t regret this, not one little bit."

"I've so enjoyed being a part of the DYB as it's allowed me to share all of who I am without fear or judgement. I've learned so much from the group and have heard things from each member of the group through honest love, support, and kindness. Susan cares so much and is passionate about helping us to see our own brilliance. She constantly thinks of creative ways of reminding us that it is our true core. The group is fun, easy, loving, open, honest, and all the things you would want in a group. I'm SO grateful and feel lucky to be a part of this exciting journey."