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Let Love Lead

I was out for a walk a few days ago and noticed this heart on the road right by my driveway. Immediately I thought, “Look, there is love everywhere!”

Even on a rainy day on a wet road, love showed up. 

The past few years I keep seeing heart rocks when I am walking in the woods. I started collecting them and they sit by my front door. Kids especially love them and it’s sweet to see the love flow. I give them away and then am gifted more heart rocks by other love seers.

I didn’t plan to see or collect heart rocks but the more I look, the more love I see in the world. Sometimes its heart rocks, sometimes heart leaves, and other times, dry heart shapes on a wet road.

What if we let love lead us, what else will we find?

Where is your focus, what are you seeing or looking for? It just might find you. 

Take good care of each other,

PS- Feel free to spread the love and share this with someone who might need some love today.

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