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The Natural Power of Beauty

Ever feel absolutely exhausted and then suddenly you find more energy? 

This photo is one of the amazing places I hiked to while on a trip to the Canadian Rockies last week. (Yes, hiking and camping make for great COVID vacations!)

This lake was at the end of a 20km backpack and I was pretty exhausted when I took this photo. We had just climbed two mountain passes and thankfully this lake was where we were camping for the night. 

I was struck by how the beauty at the end of a tough day gave me more energy to carry on. It caused me to remember that beauty can be something we can all turn to more for renewal. Beauty can be one of our free powerful resources when our tank is empty and needs to be filled. I think this is an important reminder during this time.

You don’t have to travel far, beauty can be found right in front of you, in a smile, in a painting, listening to music, watching a sunset or hearing children laugh. I read a book recently and the author said she is a beauty hunter. She hunts for beauty. I like that. 

May you hunt for beauty and may it prove to be a powerful, free resource that fills your cup again and again!

Take good care of each other,

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