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Susan Merz Anderson Women Post

Women Are Our Future

Today is International Women’s Day, I think this is one of the most important days of the year. Without women, none of us would even be here. So, this is HUGE shout out to women near and far! May we take a moment today and every day to pause and acknowledge all that we do in this precious world.

Today also is/was my mom’s birthday, I always loved it that ‘they’ (whoever ‘they’ are) made IWD the same day as my mom’s birthday. She was born in 1931 and IWD started in 1975. This photo is the last photo I have of us together, she passed six months later with all six of her children at her side in 2017, just five days after her birthday. So, yes, this is a tender day for me and I will allow myself to feel it all.

When I think of my mama I think of how underacknowldeged she was and of how true that is for most women. I’m not interested in going on a rant about that as I’m not convinced that would really help. What I am interested in is women showing up for, investing in and acknowledging ourselves much more. It all begins within! There is no question that women are our future. Without us, there is no birth, no life.

Some women are mamas, other women are aunties, some women are creators and others leaders. There are so many important roles women play and my hope is that our voices will be heard more and more over time. AND, we don’t have to wait for others to acknowledge us, what if we give that gift to ourselves right now, on the daily, let’s begin within!

What if we pause everytime we sit on the toilet (that’s one thing we do daily!) and think of something we did well that day. What if we smile or wink at ourselves when we walk in front of the mirror. Thank ourselves for how we’ve carried on, even amidst such hard things we’ve been through. How about calling a sister, aunt, mother or girlfriend and telling her something you appreciate about her. Or write a love note to your self?!

There are so many ways to celebrate our brilliant selves, I hope you will join me in that. Let’s build each other up, let’s lean into what we are doing well.

Let’s celebrate women today and every day!

Take good care of each other,

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