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The trunk of a large tree in a forest.

You Be You!

Any other tree lovers out there? I love trees and I spend lots of time in the woods hiking. The other day I was walking in the forest just behind our house noticing how many different types of trees there are. Not just various species but also sizes and especially shapes.

Some trees had one solid trunk and two or three trunks that grew from the one main trunk. Other trees like in this photo (which I took last summer at Davis Creek Trail, near Kaslo BC), have bumps and burls sticking out. Look at the one to the right in this photo, it is bent to the side and then still grows up towards the sky.

I was reflecting on how these trees are a lot like humans, we are all different people with various shapes and sizes. Then I got to thinking that I doubt the trees are ever thinking (do trees even think?) that they wish they were taller or shorter or thinner or a different color. They are just being trees, being themselves. It reminded me of what our son Tucker says, “you be you mom”. I can see the more I just be me, the better I feel.

May the trees remind us all, that there are all kinds of ways to be but there is only one you.

You be you.

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