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Who is this program for?

LiveJOY Change is a group for anyone who is experiencing changes in life around aging, career, health, loss, relationships and more. We know it is a lot easier to grow through what we go through together!

Who will I work with?

I'm offering this group with my colleague Katherine Haghighi. We love to draw on the wisdom and insights of the participants. We have been told our group collaboration is pure magic.

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What content is covered?

There is a wide range of content covered depending on your needs. We help members nurture the opportunity to be vulnerable about their changes. While exploring our challenges, we rekindle our ability to access our well being.

How will I benefit?

This group will explore our experience of transitions and change. Members will discover fresh insights and perspectives. Together, we will navigate how transitions can expand our capacity to create meaning that matters.

When and where?

Our group meets on Zoom starting in 2024. All sessions will be recorded.

Cost and how long is the program?

This is a six week group program starting 2024. The investment is $167 USD.

"It is amazing how strangers can share heart felt concerns. It is so nurturing to have these tender conversations."


"Great people doing great things! I highly recommend this opportunity for anyone looking to re-center!"