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Who is this program for?

LiveJOY Clarity is for people who don't want to be in a group or on Zoom. Members can message us questions anytime to help them find more clarity in life. This is for people on the go.

Who will I work with?

I'm offering these recordings with my colleague Katherine Haghighi. We love to ponder and discuss the journey of life. Together, we are amazed at how we can dive deep, keep laughing, and tap into JOY!

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What content is covered?

The fun thing about LiveJOY Clarity is that your questions create the content! After receiving questions, Katherine and Susan offer fresh perspectives and new ideas for members to listen to on the recording at their convenience.

How will I benefit?

Participants experience more clarity around decisions faster and more easily than you would on your own. If you don't have a question, you will still benefit from what others are asking. It is amazing how one powerful question can change your life!

When and where?

LiveJOY Clarity recordings are accessed in the LiveJOY Clarity platform. Recordings drop on three Fridays of the month. You can listen to them anytime, at your convenience.

How long is the program?

LiveJOY Clarity is ongoing, people can join monthly, so it's as short as a month or as long as you want to continue. Come and go as you wish, we'd love to hear your questions!

"Thank you for the constant flow of wisdom."


"This has helped me evolve as a better human."