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Look And See

Often in coaching, I mention the idea that when we see things differently, we tend to do them differently.
In my Living Your Brilliance program we’ve been playing with this idea as well as a few questions:

Where are you looking?
Do you spend most of your energy looking at all the things you think you need to fix or improve about yourself? Do you look and notice what a wonderful and loving human you are being?

Where is your focus?
What we focus on tends to expand. How would it feel to focus on all that you are doing well during this time? On what lights you up instead of what depletes you.

My passion is guiding people back to their center, to their inner light. That place in all of us where we feel peace, quiet, joy, excitement, and flow. The place we feel inside where all is well, even when the shit is hitting the fan around us.
From that centered place, we can create way more of what we want in this world. From that place our love can flow from within to anyone we meet, to anything we do, it’s who we truly are, it is our core.

So again, where are you looking? Where do you want to put your focus? What you see more of makes a difference.
Take good care of your precious selves,

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